We strive to provide the best medical services to ensure you enjoy life to the fullest. Dr. Volfinzon always does a thorough exam before proceeding with any services, helping to avoid unnecessary procedures and raising the quality of your care.



Using high-pitched sounds, this test helps provide an accurate picture of your heart. The procedure is completely harmless and requires no recovery after, plus it reveals what is working correctly and what is not.

PT (Physical Therapy)


When you have a physical limitation that keeps you from engaging in the activities you love, physical therapy is the answer. No matter if your condition is the result of an injury or other scenario, Dr. Volfinzon will gently get you back on track.

Vascular Study

Vascular Study

This is another noninvasive procedure, which means no pain or recovery time is attached to it. Using a transducer that the doctor passes over your skin, he is able to assess how the blood is flowing through your various arteries and veins.

Pulmonary function test

Pulmonary Function atest

A completely pain-free test, the doctor is able to get a clear picture of the state of your lungs. He can see their volumes, rates of flow, capacities and more using this simple procedure. With his extensive training, he can use the results to diagnose disorders.

Preventive Care

preventive care

The best kind of medicine is preventative, helping you to catch problems when they’re small. This is why Dr. Volfinzon conducts thorough examinations on a regular basis, helping to uncover potential issues before they become serious threats.



Also a noninvasive exam, the doctor uses a machine to produce sound waves inside the body, producing an image. Dr. Volfinzon can examine the results and tell if there are problems with internal organs, such as the presence of cancerous cells.